Sleep like royalty at Windermere Suites

Luxury hotel Windermere

A night’s sleep at Windermere Suites will leave you feeling like absolute royalty! If you want to sleep like the future King and Queen of England then look no further – Windermere Suites has the same lavish beds that Wills and Kate are rumoured to sleep in.

luxury hotel Windermere

We understand the importance of comfy beds, but at Windermere Suites we take this to the next level. The Alexandria range by Frank Hudson beds dominate the space in every single one of the suites with their luxurious metallic headboards. Cuddle up in an enormous bed swathed in soft sheets and snuggly duvets for a dreamy night’s sleep. With handmade, bespoke bedding, you won’t find anything else quite like it.

luxury hotel in Windermere

Our luxury hotel in Windermere promises you beds so soft that you can definitely get your beauty sleep – you’ll never want to leave! And why should you? With breakfast served in the privacy of your own suite, you can stay and enjoy the comfort of your own bed for as long as possible.

We believe that our Frank Hudson beds are truly special, they really do make a statement and with royal approval – what more could you ask for? Each bed is handmade, has a deep mattress, luxury sheets and plump pillows – every aspect has been designed to make a night with us even more heavenly. The beds are absolutely second to none.

luxury hotel in Windermere

If you fancy sleeping like a prince and a princess, then Windermere Suites is most definitely for you.

Not sure what a stay at a luxury hotel Windermere is really like? Why don’t you come and see for yourself?  Book a stay in one of luxury suites and sleep like royalty!

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