On our doorstep: Choccobar

Established as one of the friendliest luxury hotels Windermere has to offer, we take it upon ourselves to pick out the very best bars and restaurants for our guests to enjoy. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. So here’s our review of chocolate heaven, which can be found right on our luxury hotel doorstep…

If you’re a fan of chocolate then look no further than the fabulous Choccobar. It has five-stars on TripAdvisor and hundreds of amazing reviews, so we went to see what all the fuss was about – now we understand!

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Choccobar is a relaxed little coffee shop, just a twenty-minute walk from the Suites, where chocolate lovers will be in absolute heaven! Their original hot chocolate is so luxuriously thick it even comes with fruit to dip in, a side of fresh whipped cream and a lady finger sponge to reach the bottom of the glass! Choose from a range of different chocolate flavours – from amaretto, to chilli, to coconut or even custard and cream.  There are over 20 fantastic flavours to choose from!

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The waffles at Choccobar are out of this world. Take your pick from a selection of toppings on their light and fluffy homemade Belgian waffles. A personal favourite of mine is the banana and Cartmel sticky toffee sauce – it’s the ultimate form of indulgence!

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If you’re a fan of strawberries, then look no further – Choccobar have a variety of strawberry-topped waffles paired with a choice of cream, ice cream and Nutella.

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Choccobar is the chocolate lover’s ultimate fantasy, so make sure you pop in during your stay at our luxury hotel. Feel free to ask us for recommendations during your stay with us – one of the things we love about being a luxury hotel in the Lakes is the fantastic choice of places for our guests to eat and drink, and we love sharing these with you!

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