Hotels with baths for two

We are one of those luxury hotels with baths for two. Our bath tubs are huge, deep, lit with ambient lighting, have an air jet feature for a sumptuous jacuzzi experience, and they’re accompanied by lush toiletries, fluffy robes and soft towels.

Why have we spent so much time perfecting our bathrooms and all the associated touches? Because we know that a luxurious bath can make all the difference between a good stay and an unforgettable stay.

And we’re in good company, Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estee and Karl Lagerfeld are also bath obsessives:

“I am such a bath girl: we’ve gone to some of the beautiful hotels in the world, and if there’s a shower, I’m so disappointed.”

(We’ve got amazing baths and stunning showers, Aerin, head our way!)

“I don’t take showers at night because I take a bath when I wake up. Then I go to bed on the most beautiful Egyptian-cotton antique sheets in the world.”

(We’re happy for you to take a bath at any time of day, just like Karl – and we have gorgeous cotton sheets too).

We also know that the simple things become the solid foundations on which relationships are built. Kate Winslet said she needed to be looked after – “not diamond rings…and fancy stuff…But I need someone to say to me, ‘Shall I run you a bath?’”

Yes! That kind of gesture is exactly what we’d love our partners to make. To make it easy for them, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips for the best bath:

  • Set the ambient lighting in our luxury bathrooms and you’ll also set exactly the right mood.
  • Order a bottle of chilled champagne on ice and have it delivered to your room just before bath time.
  • Gather anything you want to take in with you so you don’t have to hop out until you’re good and ready.
  • Run the bath so that it’s deep and rich with fragrant bubbles. Start a degree or two hotter than perfect (so that you can relax for a good length of time before having to think about topping up).
  • Have toiletries close by (washing each other’s hair is incredibly intimate and soothing).
  • And hand towels too (a quick dry of hands prevents phones, champagne flutes, magazines or books from taking an impromptu dip).
  • Step in the shower for a quick wash of feet and any daily build up before you get in (so you can soak in gorgeously clean water).
  • Set up your entertainment (our TVs are waterproof).
  • Dive in and get those jets started.
  • Enjoy at your leisure.
  • Step out on to our heated floors, dry off in our fluffy towels, and robe up for the next stage of romance or relaxation.

Top tip: If it’s a pre-date night bath, put your make up on before you get in. Elizabeth Taylor swore by this trick to soften the edges of her look and create a dewy glow for the whole evening.

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