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Visit Kendal

This charming Lake District town, just a stone’s throw from the sea, is the ideal holiday retreat. 

The buildings are largely constructed with grey limestone which gave this unsuspecting tourist town the nickname of ‘Aauld Grey’. It has a fine selection of shopping arcades, stunning views and culinary delights for the fanatical foodie. As you wonder down the streets you’ll notice several quaint alleyways and passages leading onto hidden streets. These streets give some clue as to what the town would have looked like years ago. Many delights can be found down these streets, such as museums, art galleries, craft shops and many different styles of historic building, some dating from as far back as the 1600s.

Walking around the town alongside a ‘mish mash’ of buildings can be a delight with a multitude of historically exciting buildings to explore. The parish church, a number of houses and offices designed by renowned architects, the Kendal castle, Abbot Hall Museum and a host of churches and chapels built from the 1600’s right through to present day.

And of course, a trip to Kendal wouldn’t be complete without sampling the town’s most famous export, Kendal mint cake. The original Kendal mint cake was created by Kendal local Joseph Wiper, and you can still find this much-loved energy bar in shops all over Kendal today.

Kendal is roughly 18 minutes away from Windermere Suites, for directions please see the map below: