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Things to do in Ambleside

Located a just short of 5 miles away, nestled at the head of Lake Windermere (England’s largest lake) is the town of Ambleside. 

‘Ambleside’ is derived from Old Norse: “Á-mel-sǽtr” meaning “river – Sandbank – Summer Pasture” Which rightly fits for the stunning country side that surrounds, the shores of Lake Windermere and the River Rothway that runs around the town and into the Lake.

A short walk from the centre of Ambleside along Lake Road you’ll find a path behind the Salutation Hotel. This leads to Stock Ghyll Force which is a spectacular 70 foot waterfall. During spring this area is covered in a carpet of daffodils.

Looking into the history of Ambleside reveals many well-known characters that have been connected to the town. These include people such as William Wordsworth, John Ruskin, Hardwicke Rawnsley and Beatrix Potter. More information on these historic figures can be found in The Armitt Museum, located north of the town centre on Lake Road.

Moving on from Ambleside there are great places in either direction from here. Furth north is Grasmere, to the east is the lovely village of Kentmere, back south is where we started in Windermere and to the west is the Langdale Pikes.

For directions from Windermere Suites to Ambleside, feel free to use the Google Map below.